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Dear old dad, where would we be without him? Dad is the financial provider, chauffeur, spider killer, ball coach, tree house builder, garbage taker-outer, light bulb changer and all-around handyman. If something needs doing around the house, there is one name the family yells out: ‘DAD!’


Dad is glad to be needed and glad to help out in any way he can. However, he does need a few tools to make his never-ending list of DIY projects easier. To help Dad be more adept at performing routine home maintenance tasks and tackling some of the more expensive remodeling jobs to save money, consider purchasing him some new tools, then get busy expanding your honey-do list for home updating projects like these:


1. Refinishing Furniture


Every family has a piece or two of furniture that needs to be refinished so it will fit in with the rest of the home furnishings. Maybe it’s that old dresser that you’ve been wanting to transform into a sideboard for the dining room. Remove the mirror, sand down the old varnish and add a fresh coat of paint and you’ll have the needed serving space in the dining room just in time for Holiday dinners.


Dad will need a cordless drill, sander and good paint brush to tackle the DIY furniture refinishing projects on his honey-do list.


2. Install Lighting


Every home has a dark spot or two. The hallway, garage, attic, basement or laundry room are typical rooms that could benefit from additional overhead lighting. Dad doesn’t have to be an electrician to tackle a DIY lighting project, but he will need a sturdy ladder, tool belt and a few other tools to brighten up your home.


3. New Cabinets


Who doesn’t need new (or at least more) cabinets in their home kitchen? Most people could also use some new cabinets in the bathroom, laundry room, and garage too. With ready-made cabinets available it’s easy to update the look of any or these rooms while increasing storage space. With a good drill, saw, level, ladder and a couple of other tools, dear old Dad can tackle this typically expensive home improvement task himself and save the family a lot of money.


4. Recycle and Reuse


Dad’s love to save their hard earned money and one of the best and most effective ways to save money while being kind to our planet is to recycle and reuse items we have around the house.
Transforming everyday items that are no longer useful in their original form are great money-saving DIY projects for Dad.


Old glass or plastic bottles can be recycled into fashionable hummingbird feeders. An old wooden bed headboard can be transformed into a wooden bench. Wooden pallets transformed into a variety of furniture pieces and the list of potentially recyclable items goes on and on. All that’s needed to recycle and reuse everyday items is a little imagination and the right tools.


Dad’s handyman skills will be at their finest when he is reducing waste, saving money and teaching his children how to make something new from something old.


5. Wash the House


Anything clean will always be of more value than something that is dirty. Plus a clean item just looks better, and that includes the house you live in. Power washing the exterior of your home is a DIY project for Dad that will make the house look new again, improve curb appeal and increase the home’s value. A power washer, ladder and a hot Saturday afternoon is all Dad needs for this task.


6. Clean Gutters


Part of having a clean exterior on your house also includes clean gutters. Another DIY project Dad can tackle while he is pressure washing the house. There are several ways to accomplish this DIY project, like removing gutter debris by hand and using the pressure washer to blast away remaining dirt. Attachments can be purchased for a gas leaf blower or water hose that will also make gutter cleaning a simple DIY job.


Dad will need a sturdy ladder, gloves and safety glasses for the basic gutter cleaning job, but with a couple additional pieces of equipment he can get the job done much quicker and have more time for tossing the football with his kids.


7. Painting


Something, somewhere in your home needs to be painted, and dad can do it. A fresh coat of paint, which is an inexpensive way to update most any surface around the house, is a DIY project that Dad and the kids can do together.


Paint a table, outdoor patio set, rocker for the new baby or change the color of an interior room or two in your home. Painting a home’s exterior or the shutters and trim will increase the home’s value and curb appeal too.


Painting any large or small surface is a simple DIY project with the right tools. Small jobs can be handled with ease with the right paint brush and a good roller. Larger painting tasks can be done quickly and smoothly with spray painter. Cost is minimal, and spray painters can even be rented at your local paint supply centers.


8. Gardening


Now here is a money-saving way to increase the beauty of your landscape and/or provide fresh food for your family. Create and plant a garden. A gas powered roto-tiller can break new ground and till up the soil so tender plant roots will be able to grow with ease.


Create flower beds around the foundation of your home and join forces with your kids to plant colorful flowers in the beds as a surprise for Mom.
If outdoor space is limited, create a couple of raised beds to plant some of your family’s favorite vegetables in so you can reduce the family food bill and teach kids how to grow their own food.


A few basic tools, like a drill, saw, shovel and hoe, to go with a roto-tiller is all the tools needed to create a lovely blooming landscape and edible vegetable garden.


9. Compost Bin


A garden (flower or vegetable) needs compost almost as much as the plants need sunshine, and making a compost bin so you can create your own compost from food scraps is an easy DIY project.
Make a compost bin from old scrap pieces of lumber and wire so you can teach your kids the cycle of plant life and how food grows. A great way to recycle old lumber and all those food scraps that otherwise would end up in the trash.


10. Rain Barrel


A rain barrel is a great way to catch the gallons of fresh rain water that run off a home’s roof during every rain. That caught rain water is free and can be used to water the flowers and/or vegetable garden. A DIY rain barrel can be as simple as a food-grade plastic barrel to an elaborate water catchment system that can supply all your family’s water needs.

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