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The Power Tools Dads Need & Why


A man becomes a “Jack-of-All-Trades” after he becomes a dad, often having to learn on the job. The new job usually starts by assembling a crib and other pieces of baby furniture months before he actually becomes “Dad”. There is no retirement from the job, no pension and no gold watch to be had at age 65.  There are some benefits though!


All the work dad has to do can be made easier with the right type of power tools. Memories that money can’t buy are made over the years with cordless battery powered drills, reciprocating saws and a host of other power tools.


Help dad become better at building doll houses, building tree houses and putting tricycles and bicycles together by getting him some or all of these power tools. And just so he can have some fun (and not always drag out the ladder and climb on the roof to look for a missing object or animals) how about getting him a new drone to be his eye-in-the-sky as a reward for a life well-lived?


Cordless Drill


The power tool that ranks number one in any handyman’s tool chest. The cordless drill is powered by a re-chargeable battery and can do a wide variety of tasks. The thing a cordless drill does best is putting screws in wood, metal or other solid surfaces.


Many drills also come with attachments that can help dad polish a car and mix paint or concrete in a jiffy. If the man in your life is a weekend warrior with a long “honey-do list”, a good cordless drill with attachments is a must for him.


Battery Packs


Power tools run on battery power and nothing is more annoying than to be in the middle of a project and have to stop and re-charge the battery. Ensure that never happens by having an extra battery pack or two on hand to fit the power tools in dad’s tool chest.


Jig Saw


For all those intricate wood cuts that will be needed to build a doll house or home furnishings, dad will need a jig saw. This hand-held battery powered saw with a thin, straight blade can cut curved lines in a variety of hard and soft surfaces and help dad do the work of a master carpenter.


Reciprocating Saw


This power saw is for bigger cutting jobs that just can’t be done with a jig saw. The reciprocating saw has more power and a longer, thicker blade than a jig saw to cut through thick surfaces that can’t be moved, like a wall or floor.


Circular Saw


As the name of this power tool indicates, the circular saw has a circular blade that can cut through most any hard surface. This saw typically powered by electricity and can be used on a stand or as a hand-held saw. If dad will be doing a lot of building and remodeling projects around the house, he’s going to be in need of different types of saws.


Power Saw


The Big Daddy of the saw family is the power saw. Big, powerful and gasoline powered, this saw can take down a tree and cut it into kindling for the fire pit or wood stove. Not all dads need this much power in a saw, but if tree cutting is in your future, invest in a quality power saw and extra chain.


Other Saws


There are a number of other power saws on the market that are geared towards doing one or two specific tasks, such as a band saw or oscillating saw. The tasks dad will be doing should dictate the type(s) of power saws he needs. After all, in this modern day of power, no one wants to cut down a tree with an ax or attempt to build a house with a hand saw. Match the cutting task with the right saw type for best and safest results.


Cordless Dremel


The multi-tasking little power tool that helps dad get those chores on his honey-do list crossed off an put on the honey-done list. With the right attachment, a dremel will even enable dad to file down the dog’s shape toenails without making the dog whimper.


Hedge Trimmers


Reclaim some of dad’s Saturday afternoons by giving him power tools that will enable him to get the landscape work done quicker. Hedge trimmers, either electric or gasoline powered, will enable dad to trim up all the hedges and shrubs in the landscape in record time.


Power Box


Listen to your favorite tunes while on the job site with this sturdy and helpful power box. Not only will a power box (like the Bosch Power Box 360) deliver the latest news, weather and sports to your ears, it also packs the power to keep your tools up and running so you can complete the job.


Paint Sprayer


Forget the paint brush and roller, get dad a power spray painter for the next house painting job. Good for interior or exterior painting jobs, a spray painter gets the paint on quicker and smoother than the traditional brush and roller method. An air compressor will be needed to use this power tool, but most dad’s would be happy to add an air compressor to their stash of tools.


Laser Tape Measure


The read-out provides an instant measurement without the need to have a second person to hold the end of the tape measure.


Heavy Duty Flash Light


Not exactly a power tool, yet a tool that is hard to do without. Get dad a heavy duty flash light with a large lamp and re-chargeable battery so he can see clearly into all those dark crevices and keep working long after the sun has set.




Get dad a drone just because… they are the coolest new toys with usefulness. Use them to take photos and look for the missing Frisbee on the roof. If he is the first on the block to own a drone all the better.


Shop Vac


There will be a mess wherever dad works and a powerful shop vac will be needed to clean up the mess. Get him a a six gallon capacity shop vac that can pick up either a wet or dry mess with ease. One with a 3 HP motor, stainless steel tank and the capability of either blowing or sucking will be a great power tool addition for dad.


Tool Chest


Dad needs a place to store all of his power tools so they are kept handy for him but safely tucked away from little hands. A large tool chest on wheel that has multiple drawers that lock is an excellent choice. This will enable dad to store his power tools and wheel them around to his work location as needed so he doesn’t have to make several trips back and forth to the garage in search of the right size tool.

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