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Our grandparents did all their gardening with mules, plows, mattocks and other tools that required a lot of sweat equity and a bag of oats. Landscape improvement and upkeep fared no better. Chickens and a homemade broom were all that was needed to keep the dirt in the front yard insect-free and tidy.

Times and landscapes have changed and so have garden tools. Today’s tools help get the job done more efficiently and more effectively. Various landscape and garden tools that are powered by gas or battery are able to tackle big, unruly outdoor tasks and break them down to manageable sizes.

Consider how a power saw makes quick work of clearing off trees from undeveloped land so a new home or pool can be built. With the advent of garden power tools, homeowners have time to enjoy their backyard pool, manicured lawn with blooming flower beds and fruits of their labor.

If you’re a weekend warrior who enjoys the DIY lifestyle of taking care of your own garden and landscape, but wish the work took up less of your time, consider some of these garden tools that make life easier.

Cordless Leaf Blower

Go where no electric cord can take you to blow away autumn leaves and other unsightly debris. Once limited by a cord that was plugged into an electrical source, a cordless leaf blower knows no bounds. Powered by gas or battery, either of which fits into a compact backpack, this tool can be used in the garden, landscape, and driveway.

Many models of cordless leaf blowers also have available attachments that transform them into secondary-use power tools. With the right attachment for your cordless leaf blower, you can clean your house gutters without ever having to climb up a ladder.

Garden Vacuum

This garden tool quickly vacuums up leaves and garden debris. No more raking, bending and carrying, vacuum up outdoor debris much the same way you vacuum up indoor debris.

Garden Rototiller

Gas or electric tillers now make working soil so much easier than doing it with a shovel and pitchfork. Rototillers come in various horsepower levels that can handle everything from a modest flower bed to a half acre vegetable garden with ease. This power tool is a must-have for a home gardener and the lightweight build makes it easy for gardeners of all age to use.

Weed Wackers

Also known as “Weed Trimmers” and “Weed Eaters”, this indispensable tool can do a variety of trimming chores. The basic models of cordless weed wackers are powered by gas or battery. They use a thick plastic line to trim away grass and weeds in tight places where a lawn mower can’t go. The basic models will keep the landscape looking neat by enabling the user to edge the lawn, garden, flower beds and sidewalk with accuracy and efficiency.

Upgraded models of cordless weed wackers come with saw attachments that enable the user to saw down small shrubs and trees with ease.

Hedge Trimmer

Hedge Trimmers come in models that are powered by gas, battery or electric.

If your bushes and hedges are near a power source then electric hedge trimmers will help. They will get the job done quicker and with more precision than the old shears that look like over-sized scissors. If your shrubs, hedges and small trees are located far from an electrical outlet, a gas or battery powered trimmer is best.

Invest in a set of hedge trimmers that can not only give a trim and shape up bushes  but can prune away small tree limbs and cut down unwanted or diseased shrubs in the landscape.

Riding Mowers

If you have a lawn and garden, even small ones, you need a riding lawn mower. Mow the grass and mulch the clippings for lawn food with just a few passes. If lawn thatch is a problem, suck up the grass clipping into a bagger while you mow. Then, quickly install a de-thatcher on the back of your lawn mower and de-thatch the lawn with a few more riding passes.

With a riding mower you can weed, feed, rake, mulch, aerate and keep grass under control. A variety of pull-behind attachments are available such as a garden wagon, which help make a riding lawn mower a must-have for any size landscape.

Chipper Shredder

If you have a large landscape (or are enlarging your landscape by removing trees) investing in a chipper shredder is worth looking into. A chipper shredder takes pruned tree limbs, small trees and shrubs and transforms them into free mulch for the home gardener. This can be placed around plants or allowed to decompose into compost and used to improve the structure of garden soil.
Chain Saw

Clear the landscape of undesired trees and then turn the felled wood into firewood with this powerful tool. Most chain saws are gas powered, but some smaller models are powered by electric or battery. Choose the model and size based upon the type of wood cutting you plan to do.
Portable Sawmill

If you want to make the move towards living off-grid, a portable sawmill is a perfect companion for a chainsaw. This tool enables your chainsaw to strip bark off felled tree limbs and cut boards for home building.

Log Splitter

Another tool that makes a great companion for a chainsaw when making the move to live off-grid. A log splitter takes big logs and splits them into smaller pieces of wood suitable for burning in a wood heater. Gas powered tool that is a plus to have for anyone who heats their home or shop with wood.

Gas Powered Auger

Installing fence posts with a post hole digger will take lots of time and energy, but a gas powered auger can make quick work of installing fencing. This power tool can also be used for other digging projects, like tree planting or ice fishing.

Portable Generator

In cases of emergency, a portable generator is a vital tool for any homeowner to have in their tool shed. Traditionally, portable generators have been gas or oil powered. Now the latest solar powered generators are becoming more efficient and affordable to own.

Portable Air Compressor

Air compressors come in all shapes and sizes. From small, portable models the size of a proverbial bread box to the large 55 gallon drum compressors that have wheels to be moved around. Many tools are powered by air compression. There’s always a tire that needs a little air in it, a pool toy to blow up or a football that needs some air. A portable air compressor is always a good tool to have on hand.

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