What’s The Best Electric Log Splitter in 2017?

electric log splitter

If you run a wood fuel fire or have a lot of trees to maintain in your garden, an electric log splitter will make your work a lot easier!

Most splitters are measured in tonnes, the higher the weight, the easier it will split logs. One reason you might want to purchase an electric splitter with a higher weight rating, is that you deal mostly with wet wood as opposed to dry.

Wet wood still has much of it’s strength from when felled, meaning it will take much more force to split it apart. Dry wood in contrast, is much more brittle and will sheer with relatively little force required. This is why dry logs are so easy to chop by hand for your log burner!

Here are a selection of the best electric log splitters available in 2017.

Best Electric Log Splitters of 2017

Boss Industrial ES7T20
Electric Log Splitter
7 Ton$$$$Read our Review!
TR Industrial TR89130
Log Splitter
5 Ton$$$Read our Review!
Pow' R Kraft 65556
Log Splitter
4 Ton$$$Read our Review!
Homelite Electric
Log Splitter
5 Ton$$$$Read our Review!
Powerhouse Log
Splitter XM-580
9 Ton$$$$$Read our Review!

Electric Log Splitter Reviews

Our team of reviewers got to grips with 5 of the best electric log splitters on the market today. Here are their findings.

The Boss Industrial ES7T20 Review
(7 Ton)

The Boss is a really nice, industrial grade log splitter that really does pack a punch. It’s rated at 7 ton which is more than enough for cutting recently felled wet wood.

The really great thing about this log splitter is the one handed operation of the machine. You can actually split your logs with one hand that’s how easy it is to use.

As for the power it produces in everyday work, it’s pretty good and splits most wood, even dense woods such as Elm can be split pretty easy using the Boss Industrial.

We think this electric log splitter will make the perfect choice if you who have a considerable number of trees to maintain, or just need a decent splitter for creating log fuel.

TR Industrial TR89130 Review
(5 Ton)

The  TR Industrial TR89130 is a great value cutter seeing as it is rated for 5 tons. It comes with its own stand for splitting wood and can split logs up to 12 inches in diameter.

It doesn’t have the one handed operation of the Boss Industrial, yet it does have it’s own wheeled stand, making it quite nice to use from a standing height. This is probably the main selling point of this log cutter, we loved that you can cut wood without bending down each time.

The power is pretty good. We found that most dry and wet woods could be split, however, sometimes the machine would have a little trouble cutting wood with heavy knots in it. Still, the motor is rated at 1800W so it’s a more than capable machine.

Overall, we were impressed by the stand, reasonably pleased with the power and because the stand is fold-able, it’s quite easily stowed in the back of a car or truck.

Pow’ R Kraft 65556 Review
(4 Ton)

The Pow 65556 is a neat entry into the more budget end of the home log splitter market. Even so, it offers up a 1500W motor, up to 10 inches diameter capability (Although it does say 12 inches for easy to cut woods) and is manufactured from steel – keeping the durability up there with the best.

This electric splitter does only offer two handed operation, which could put some people off. However, we found during testing that the Pow’ R Kraft was quite easy to use and had enough power to get through most woods, wet or dry.

The only negative to our experience of the Pow’ R Craft was that the shipping had damaged the box. Thankfully, the packaging is quite strong so at no point was our log cutter in danger, just a small thing to expect if you do order this machine.

Overall, we loved the price point, found the power more than capable of anything in the domestic setting and although the packaging was a little damaged, it did arrive promptly.

Homelite Electric Log Splitter Review
(5 Ton)

The first thing we noticed about this electric log splitter was the size. It’s a really compact splitter and we did wonder if it had the power to take on all types of log!

However, this little machine is a real workhorse. It still maintains a healthy 5 ton weight rating and still manages to split logs up to 10 inches in diameter.

The Homelite Splitter also has a string 15 Amp motor and comes with a handy 20 seconds timer, resetting the cutter automatically for your next job. As with many log splitters we tested, this one comes with a quality 2 years guarantee too.

During use, we found this little machine coped really well with anything we threw at it. No density of timber or wetness of wood caused it any trouble at all. Two handed operation is necessary to use this machine but as it’s quite portable, you can get it into the right position to ensure you don’t hurt your back.

The only downside to this log splitter is the price. It’s over $100 more expensive than other 5 ton cutters on our list. In fact, you can pick up a 7 ton model for the same price.

However, given it’s small size, easy portability and sheer power, it’s a good buy if you need something that will perform well yet don’t have much space for storage

Powerhouse XM-580 Review
(9 Ton)

We finish our round-up with a real industrial powerhouse. (Excuse the Pun) The Powerhouse XM-580 is an extremely solid beast with a motor that could easily rival gas log cutters for power.

At 9 Tons weight rating, this electric log splitter is an absolute beast when splitting wood. We found that it cut through all types of logs without any hesitation at all. Even hardwoods and dense timber was no match at all for the Powerhouse cutter and given the choice, it’s what most of our testers would use on a daily basis.

The sheer power is also matches on the quality side too. The frame, power buttons and levers are absolutely solid and the wheels so give it a degree of manoeuvrability. Even some of our testers who swore by gas log cutters were impressed and this splitter has given them some pause for thought.

Again, as you’ll probably guess, the main downside is price. Approaching $500 is quite an amount of money to ask in the home log cutter market. Yet we would rate this machine as so good it almost falls into low end commercial cutting, such is the quality of the machine.

If you have the cash, lot’s of wood to split and you want the best electric log splitter, this is the one!

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