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The 12 Tools Every Father Should Own in 2020

Buying a gift for a Dad who doesn’t want everything can be an incredibly frustrating experience.

If your dad or husband is a bit of a handyman, you can never go wrong with the manliest gift of all: something for his toolbox. If his hobbies call for using them, it’s the perfect way to get him something he definitely wants but doesn’t necessarily need.

Below is a list of tools that any dad will love receiving as a gift or gesture. Choose a few to get a few “This is perfect!” reactions from him as he unwraps, or pick just one of the higher-end tools (like an impact wrench) to see his jaw hit the floor.

Hammers, Screwdrivers & Other Essential Hand Tools

Tools like these are used a lot, so getting your dad a new one will guarantee your gift is put to good use.

He probably already has simple tools like hammers and screwdrivers, but chances are, those are very basic models that came in a cheap starter kit. They don’t perform or last very well.

You can give your dad an “upgrade” and he’ll really notice the difference right away.

#1 – Stiletto Titanium Hammer – It looks simple, but it’s one of the most “famous” hammers there is (you might not know of it, but your dad probably does).

If you give him this, he’ll be using it for the rest of his life – you just can’t do better than Stiletto.

#2 – Estwing Claw Leather Hammer – Estwing is on the same level as Stiletto, and all of their products are made in the USA.

This leather hammer is 16 oz (2 oz heavier), slightly cheaper, and better for a dad who does DIY projects of all kinds.

#3 – GearWrench Screwdriver Set – Stripped screws are the biggest problem for men (like your dad) using cheap tools. They can take hours to remove.

Get a kit like the 80086 from GearWrench and stripped screws will become a thing of the past – the metal GearWrench uses far surpasses any in any other publicly-available screwdriver set.

This set looks not only looks good, the screwdriver handles are also ergonomic (so they don’t hurt your wrist)… basically, it’s an impressive screwdriver set.

#4 – A Machete Knife

If you buy Dad a machete you can actually help him enjoy yard work for a change. It’ll make short work of vines, foliage, and branches that need pruning.

It’s also nice to keep around for home defense (as well as any potential zombie outbreaks…). If you want to really knock his socks off, go for the Condor El Salvador Machete.

Power Tools like Impact Wrenches & Drills

There are two types of dads who use tools – those who do simple projects… and those who do projects where you walk in and you can’t tell what’s going on half of the time.

If your dad falls into that second category and makes a ruckus when he works, consider getting him a power tool like one of the selections below – not only will it be better for him, but it might be quieter for you, too!

#5 – DEWALT Compact Drill DC970K – The drill is the most important tool for any dad, but you actually don’t want to get the biggest, loudest, heaviest one for yours.

A drill like that will have more power, but your dad (as a hobbyist) will never need so much, and the weight/volume of the thing will just annoy both of you.

Instead, go with a high-end portable drill like the DC970K, which is just 5.2 pounds and economically priced.

Out of nearly, 4,000 customer reviews, over 3,00 people rated it five stars – and best of all, it’s quiet!

#6 & #7 – Nail Gun: WEN 61720 or DEWALT DWFP 12231 – If your dad doesn’t have a nail gun, getting him one will save him time and make him smile like a kid the first time he uses it.

They’re really fun to use – ask to use it once or twice when he’s working on a project and you’ll see what we mean.

Get the 61720 if you’re bundling the nail gun with something else or the DWFP 12231 if you’re getting it as a solo gift.

Tool Gear for Dad

These tools need less explanation – they’re essential to almost every DIY project, and your dad will always appreciate using something better than whatever he currently has. (He’ll get a lot of use out of them, too.)

#8 – Upgraded Multi-Tool

Multi-tools are pretty common gifts for handymen, so it may be worth checking if he’s already received one as a gift in the past. If he hasn’t, get something like the Leatherman Sidekick.

Leatherman is a top-rated name in handyman tools, the Sidekick is their best multi-tool offering, it’s cheap and people really love it… you just can’t go wrong.

#9 – All-in-one Contractor Pen

A contractor pen is a lesser-known tool that your dad probably won’t have. The point is to be able to make marks on anything – plastic, wood, even metal and steel.

If the project consists of using different materials and making a lot of cuts and measurements, a contractor pen will quickly become the most valuable tool in any father’s arsenal.

Get this pen from Fisher Space.

#10 – Laser Measure Tool

Inaccurate measurements lead to poor results. Get your dad a laser measure so he can speed up his work and make sure everything is precise.

Especially if he’s getting older or you just don’t want him to hurt his back, a laser measure will save him from having to bend so much, too.

Get the Bosch DLR130K Laser Measure – you can’t skimp on quality when it comes to essential tech tools like this.

#11 – Comfy, Effective Headphones

3M Tekk is said to make the most comfortable work headphones on the market today. Along with superior comfort (so your dad doesn’t have to stop work every couple of minute because his ears hurt), the sound quality is far above average, and the headphones are compatible with any smartphone or music player.

Click here to see a great range of 3M work headphones.

#12 – Work Clothes He’ll Love Wearing

Okay, okay. You read through this entire list and you still have no idea what to get him. Maybe you don’t know what he needs, or you don’t know what he already has – no worries.

Sometimes, the perfect tool isn’t a tool at all – it’s what he’s wearing while working. If you can’t help him work (maybe he buys all of his work-related stuff himself, and you asking about it would give it away), you can always get him something like a high-end Carhartt work shirt or ballistic work gloves.

Hopefully, we’ve given you some great ideas for the ideal present for Dad. You won’t be stuck wondering what to buy for Father’s Day, his next birthday or to help with all those jobs he promised to do when he retires!

As long as you get him something, he’ll love it – it’s the thought that counts!