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What’s The Best Cordless Screwdriver in 2020?

Cordless Screwdrivers have been around for years now. I remember when they first came out back in the 90’s and since then, battery life and quality has really seen huge boosts.

A good cordless screwdriver is more than capable of a full days work in the home, garden or out on the construction site. Many models even share battery packs with other common cordless tools, such as drills and jigsaws to give even more versatility.

Look for “Quick Charging” Models

Another good function, and something we really recommend, is quick charging. Long gone are the days were a battery would require a solid 8 hours to achieve full charge. A typical cordless screwdriver (Or indeed any type of cordless tool) should be able to get charged and begin work within an hour.

We’ll now  show you 5 models that could easily lay claim to “The Best Cordless Screwdriver in 2019”.  Our criteria for selection included quality, ease-of-use and that all important battery-life.
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Cordless Screwdriver Reviews

We took an up close and personal look at 5 of the best cordless screwdrivers on the market. Here are our findings:

DEWALT DCF610S2 ¼ Inch Screwdriver

Dewalt is a brand synonymous with quality and ease if use, part of the reason you’ll see Dewalts frequently on your local construction site, mixing it up with Makita and Bosch drills.

This model, serves up a decent 12 volt battery, one handed chuck key system and a belt hook – handy if you need to take your drill with you around a large work area. It also features 3 LED lights that shine onto your drill area to help you see what you’re doing. To be honest, the LED lights we feel are something of a gimmick.

During our test, we liked the easy use chuck key, making bit swaps nice and simple. We also liked it’s small size, allowing it to fit into some small areas and be stowed away easily.

We think this would be a great machine for anyone who fits decking or timber frame homes. It’s so small and powerful it could be a nice little workhorse for that type of daily work.

Thankfully, the LED lights can be switched off!

DEWALT DW920K02 ¼ Inch Two Position Screwdriver

This drill is a slightly more niche product compared to the standard Dewalt drill above. It features a variable head, allowing you to get the drill into position whatever awkward space you have. It also has quite a bit of usable power, allowing for light pre-drilling into wooden frames.

[easyazon_image align=”left” height=”260″ identifier=”B000051WQV” locale=”US” nw=”y” src=”” tag=”toolsdaddy-20″ width=”300″]Another good feature, is the way this drill can be configured to operate much like a traditional screwdriver. The “in-line” grip might prove more suitable in some positions, although we feel that the traditional pistol grip is far more comfortable for most jobs.

The battery, as you would expect from Dewalt, give a healthy amount of life and charges in just one hour plus it features a similar chuck key system to the DCF610S2, making swaps just as simple.

We felt this screwdriver is probably more of a niche product, probably not applicable to many jobs or occupations. However, if you spend your time working in confined spaces or you know you’ll need the in-line functionality, you’ll likely need to choose this model.

SKIL 2356-01 360 Quick Select Power Driver

This electric screwdriver is most certainly a budget choice. Coming in three times cheaper than the DCF610S2, the skill packs quite a few functions into one easy to use machine.

[easyazon_image align=”left” height=”300″ identifier=”B00B7EUS0K” locale=”US” nw=”y” src=”” tag=”toolsdaddy-20″ width=”275″]It comes with USB charger, 4 volt battery and the ability to hold a charge for up to 18 months. This makes it handy for the home market, where this screwdriver will be most suited to. The Skil also has a range of 12 bits located in the main chamber, allowing the user to choose the one most applicable to the job in hand.

We found the Skil to work well considering its price and we feel it’s a perfect drill for domestic work. It’s battery seems to hold its charge well and although you can’t expect it to last all day like a professional grade product, it has more than enough charge to carry out simple jobs.

This Skill is perfect for those who are looking for a drill they can use for the occasional small job and just don’t need a heavy duty device. It’s price is right on the money as is the focus on battery charge retention rather than enabling the machine to keep going all day.

Ivation 3.7 Volt Cordless USB Mini Pocket Driver

Another small cordless screwdriver for the home market, the Ivation 3.7 Volt operates in a similar price and range to the Skil. It features USB charging, 4Nm of torque and a range of 9 bits for easy use.

[easyazon_image align=”left” height=”300″ identifier=”B018INSUO8″ locale=”US” nw=”y” src=”” tag=”toolsdaddy-20″ width=”300″]It does mention it can be charged by your laptop or computer. That’s technically true, yet anyone who’s tried to charge their phone during laptops, computers or 12 cigar lighter plugs, sometimes the battery never fully properly afterwards! The charge bundles with the drill is perfect though, so you’ll likely not need this functionality.

This cordless screwdriver takes about 90 minutes to achieve a full charge, 30 minutes more than the Skil driver and there are no claims it will last 18 months in full charge state.

During out test, we found this little drill was quite powerful given its small size. It coped with most small jobs, although for some reason we kept thinking about the Skil whilst using it! The set of 9 drill bits is more than likely all you’ll ever need and for a domestic product, the quality is pretty good too.

However, for some reason we love the Skil more! Nobody in our group can fully understand why, perhaps it’s the traditional cordless screwdriver design but we found ourselves constantly returning to the Skill driver for small jobs.

Black And Decker AS6NG Cordless Screwdriver

An unbelievably cheap screwdriver comes courtesy of a name all DIY aficionados can relate to, Black And Decker. As you might expect, the low price means that features are somewhat curtailed on this drive, still, it offers the ability to use it as a manual screwdriver and forward/reverse setting if you require it.

[easyazon_image align=”left” height=”300″ identifier=”B004HY3APW” locale=”US” nw=”y” src=”” tag=”toolsdaddy-20″ width=”300″]This cordless screwdriver doesn’t have a battery pack. Instead, standard 4 x AA batteries are used to provide the power. During our tests we found the average battery life time was about 45 minutes, lower if you’re using the drill to power into tough material.

Of all the screwdrivers we tested, this was the one we liked the least. At this price point, we really began to feel that investing in a good quality set of manual drivers was probably a better bet.

If you really want a power driver, we really think you’ll be better investing another $20 and opting for the Skil drill or perhaps the Ivation if you want something really small to stow away.

We couldn’t help but feeling the Black And Decker Drill was probably more of a gimmick than genuine tool for the home.

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